Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dynamics CRM Enhanced vs. Standard Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)


The following list provides an overview about the main differences between Enhanced and Standard SLA’s.


  • Available since Spring 2014 Release
  • No Pause/Resume functionality
  • No Success Actions
  • Status needs to be changed manually using Warning/Error Actions (e.g. Noncompliant, Nearing Noncompliant)
  • Related fields are available in the case form directly (First Response By, Resolve By)
  • “On Hold Time (Minutes)”- and “Last On Hold”-Field is not maintained automatically


  • Available since Fall 2014 Release
  • Pause/Resume functionality
  • Success Actions
  • Status chances automatically (e.g. Noncompliant, Nearing Noncompliant)
  • Related fields are linked into the case form using additional entity “KPI Instance”, Quick View Forms and the Timer Control.
  • “On Hold Time (Minutes)”- and “Last On Hold”-Field in Case is used automatically

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dynamics CRM Bookmarklets Collection (CBC)

A few weeks ago i found a nice post from Deepesh Somani where he describes its collection of bookmarklets. This helpers are very nice but unfortunately it was not possible to import them in Internet Explorer, only Chrome worked for me. Based on this experience i created a collection of the most important ones (my point of view) and added additional ones.

Project Page:

Introduction Video: