Monday, March 25, 2019

Dynamics365 - Upgrade Issues 8.2.3

There are some nice articles out there explaining issues/experiences with the 8.2.3 upgrade.
E.g. the one from Kylie Kiser (Link).

One thing we recognized after the upgrade was the broken Signature Feature.


  • Signature is owned by a Team
  • User is assigned to that Team
  • User creates an email and clicks "Insert Signature"
  • The user can see the list of available Signatures (e.g. DE)
  • Now, the user changes the language (e.g. to EN) and would expect the configured english signatures
  • Instead of that, the list remains empty
  • Also switching back to the base language (e.g. DE) does not work anymore. The list remains empty.

The problem does not appear, when the template is owned by an User.
Microsoft accepted this as a defect and will fix it - Let´s see when.