Thursday, September 6, 2018

Dynamics CRM - Possible values for TraceLogBase.ErrorTypeDisplay

In my current project we are cleaning up the TraceLogBase table to reduce the DB size and overall get rid of unnecessary data.

Since the documentation on MSDN is not very helpful to understand/make sure what exactly is traced in the table (only email related or other things as well), I extracted the current entries of a ~3 years old database and grouped them by "ErrorTypeDisplay". Following values I identified.

Note: Maybe not complete!
  • ExchangeSyncACTDeliveryMethodNotExchangeSynchronization
  • ExchangeSyncUnapprovedEmailAddress
  • IncomingDeliveryMethodNotEmailRouter
  • IncomingEmailRejected
  • IncomingEmailServerServiceError
  • IncomingMailboxTimeoutError
  • IncomingServerCertificateError
  • IncomingTestConfigurationSuccess
  • InvalidIncomingEmailServerProfile
  • InvalidIncomingMailboxCredentials
  • InvalidIncomingMailboxEmailAddress
  • InvalidOutgoingEmailServerProfile
  • InvalidOutgoingMailboxCredentials
  • InvalidRecipientEmailAddress
  • MailboxQuotaExceeded
  • OutgoingDeliveryMethodNotEmailRouter
  • OutgoingEmailServerServiceError
  • OutgoingMailboxSendAsPermission
  • OutgoingServerCertificateError
  • OutgoingTestConfigurationSuccess
  • RetrieveAttachmentFailure
  • UnapprovedIncomingEmailAddress
  • UnapprovedOutgoingEmailAddress

Query which also returns the amount of traces

SELECT ErrorTypeDisplay, Count(*) AS 'Number of Traces'
GROUP BY ErrorTypeDisplay
ORDER BY ErrorTypeDisplay