Friday, April 3, 2020

Azure Hybrid Connection

In the current project, we had to work around some temporary network restrictions to continue with the release. For a first test period, an endpoint had to be called from an Azure Function, which was not yet available on a public server and also this endpoint was not in the hands of our team. Calling it from our dev/test network worked fine.

To sort that out, we just enabled for a few weeks a Hybrid Connection at the required Azure Function and installed the Hybrid Connection Manager on a Machine in our dev/test network. The result is, that for the Function, the endpoint URL is reachable as it would be with a direct call. Behind the scenes, the Request is processed by an Azure Relay/Service Bus From Azure to our Test Server and from there, the request is triggered to the specific endpoint. The response is routed back the same channel so from a caller point of view, it behaves completely like calling a synchronous endpoint.

The important fact is, that there is no active call into the network but the Hybrid Connection Manager is recognizing the activity (call) to the Relay and is processing it in nearly realtime.

Since this was done in 10 minutes, it saved us a lot of time and also avoided any mocking for this endpoint.