Sunday, July 12, 2009

More about the content

First i would like to secify the topics of my blog.
  • I'm developing in c# since 2005 (before i worked with java). My first job was an internship in a company, which developed a completely own CRM-Application, based on ASP and c#. I learned very much about databasedesign, customer relationship management and common programming stuff. After finishing the internship i worked as undergraduate associate in the company.
  • In the course of this internship i learned basics about the .Net-Framework. This knowledge i could expand on some projects while my acadamic studies. I also visited some elective courses about .Net-Programming.
  • As aforementioned, i learned basics about CRM-Systems in my first internship and while my study. So i decided to write my diploma thesis about customer relationship management systems. This was my first contact with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Subject of my diploma thesis was to connect a financial service provider application to the CRM-System about SOAP-Webservices.
  • I learned the basics about SQL while my study an in the companies i talked about. Since 2008 i'm doing more and more SQL in touch with SQL-Reporting. I started with Microsoft SQL-Server 2005. Because the increasing fraction of Microsoft SQL-Server 2008 customers, i could also improve my knowledge in this section.
I'm also very interested in modelling, UML, Softwarepatterns et cetera. If i found enough important stuff to write in my blog, i will modify my header.

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