Thursday, November 18, 2010

Microsoft CRM 2011 - Features/Buzzwords

CRM 2011 deliver many new features. Much to learn! Here i will give an overview about the most interesting features. I will explain some of them in my further posts.

General Stuff (User Perspective)
  • Excel Export and Import with Create and Update Feature (Delete is not available)
  • Processes (Dialog Based Workflows)
  • Business Auditing (XML-Based)
  • Create Entity on Import
  • Strg + Z
  • Goals (Sales)
  • Recently Visited Objects (Pinnable)
  • Completely new Outlook Client (MultiTenancy Support, Social Touch, Excel-Style Filtering)
  • Mobile Client (also Dashboards are supported but not with Reports)
  • Sharepoint Integration

  • Solutions (Holy Grail?)
  • WebResources (GIF, XAP, HTML, ...)
  • Filtered Lookups (Hooray!)
  • Ownership - Teams instead of Organization
  • Views can be shared
  • FieldLevelSecurity (If you dont have permissions on field Level --> Fielt is available but always empty)
  • EntityBased Forms (If an account is a partner --> You can configure specific fields)
  • RoleBased Forms (Sales-Team can have different forms than service)
  • Connections - AddHock Relations
  • Dashboards/Visualizations
  • Lists as "Scrollable Views" in Entites
  • Headers and Footers in Forms
  • Tree/Sections instead of Tabs
  • Ribbon instead of MenuBar
  • Name of Root-Businessunit is changeable
  • Automatically deleting of successfull workflow jobs
  • Reccuring Activities
  • Own Activity-Entities
  • Marketplace Integration

  • Default .NET Types (bye "CrmNumber" hello "int?"...)
  • New BaseType "Entity"
  • Linq Support
  • DataProvider
  • oData (WCF DataService) Endpoint for Silverlight and Javascript
  • Plugins OnlineReady (Sandboxing)
  • Transaction-Support in Plugins
  • Portal integration
  • Reports OnlineReady (Sandboxing)
  • FetchXML for Reporting (Middle Tier)
  • AzureSupport
  • Online and OnPremise available
  • Splitting Components (Async Service, Website...) to different Servers with GUI-Installer
  • Authentication Changes (AD and Claims Based)

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