Tuesday, September 17, 2013

CRM 2013 – Custom Actions

Custom Actions are a feature shipped with CRM 2013. The easiest way to explain the feature (for developers) is:

You are able to create your own OrganizationRequest”

It is possible to use the CRM UI for creating an “Action” or you can write Code that creates a custom Action.


Key Points (SDK)

  • Is defined using a Workflow entity record, similar to a real-time workflow.
  • Can be associated with a single entity or be global, meaning not associated with any particular entity.
  • Is executed in the core operation stage 30 of the event execution pipeline.
  • Supports the invocation of plug-ins and real-time workflows registered in the pre-operation and post-operation stages of the event execution pipeline.
  • Can have plug-ins or real-time workflows registered in the pre-operation or post-operation stages while the action status is Draft.
  • Is available through the organization.svc and organization.svc/web endpoints, but not the organizationdata.svc (OData) endpoint.
  • Always runs under the security context of the calling user.
  • Record cannot be deleted while there are plug-in steps and other real-time workflows registered on the action.
  • Can be invoked only by a web service method call, not directly from a workflow. However, the workaround is to write a custom workflow activity that invokes the action and add that to a workflow.
  • Can optionally participate in the current database transaction.
  • Does not support a scope where the execution is restricted to a user, business unit, or organization.
  • Supports input and output parameters.
  • Supports auditing of data changes.
  • Is not supported with offline clients.

This feature will reduce plugin code in the future, because it is possible to encapsulate a sequence of operations in one request.



  1. Can it process all records in an entity? Can you, for instance, change the state of all records Older than X?

  2. Hi, basically you can do whatever you want if you implement your own WorkflowActivity (custom code) inside the Action. So to answer your question you need to describe your use case.