Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Powerpoint Statusslides Hell (Traffic Lights) - Solved

The last years I was looking more or less every week on status slides or I had to create them. Whereever possible, I try to use direct exports from tools like TFS and just copy the table to the deck.

Sometimes a specific format for the famous traffic lights status column is required. So most people (including me until today) were just adding a circle shape and putting it into the Status-Column.

The week after, you need to add new items to the table and your format gets broken because the circles are just not moving.
To get rid of this issue, you can easily use Symbols in Powerpoint.

Insert --> Symbol --> Symbol --> Select the one you need --> just change Font-Size and Color

The symbol will now be handled like every other regular text.
Alternatively you can just copy and past the black dot from below.

Black Large Circle



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  1. Fantastic - exactly what I was looking for, for the exact problem I was trying to solve. Thanks!